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Photographic Darkrooms

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High Schools - Colleges - Universities - Law Enforcement

At Darkrooms USA, our team has designed, supplied and installed hundreds of professional Photographic Laboratories in North America. Our reputation for recommending the highest quality materials is second to none. Our clients include colleges and universities, high schools, police departments, medical research facilities, government agencies and more.

Our equipment conforms to Equipment Specification Section 11470, so that Architects and Contractors can include it with confidence in their bid documents, knowing that industry standard, non-proprietary equipment is being supplied. This assures that the bidding process is both fair and competitive.

Our team works with architects and engineers during the Design Development phase of construction to design the most ergonomic and functional darkroom layouts. During this phase, our darkroom design personnel take into account our clients' budgetary constraints. The darkroom design engineers use Autocad to create design documents that include equipment detail specification sheets and layout drawings. Download a typical sample project that includes a Title Page, Elevation Drawings and Equipment Schedule.

The Darkrooms USA team has designed photographic laboratories for such prestigious institutions as the International Center for Photography, California State University at Northridge Fine Arts and Sarah Lawrence School of Fine Arts.

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